Sustainability is a word that is highly used in the pressure sensitive industry. Release liner wastage is also a big concern. More governments are voting laws to force label printers to become accountable and responsible for recycling release liners, which today, still represent an expensive throw-away carrier.

For the label market in need of a polyester liner, the Miniliner™ technology is a breath of fresh air. This innovative PET release liner technology contributes to the reduction of release liner wastage. It’s a step in the right direction. The Miniliner PET release liner is highly resistant, mark free and more recyclable versus a conventional paper or kraft release liner.

The Miniliner™ is a 12 micron (.48 mil) PET release liner that reduces substantially (66% less PET) the use of PET film. Our patent pending technology is quite unique and does not require expensive die-cutting tools. In fact, you can use your actual tooling die to die-cut the label during the manufacturing process of the Miniliner™.

More labels per roll, less downtime at the production line, lower shipping cost per label, substantial raw material savings, more productivity and adaptability to existing Cohesio equipment. These are some of the Miniliner™ features that you and your customer would benefit from.

Brochure : Miniliner.pdf