Cohesio Technology

Print first

Possibility to print both side of face stock and both side of the liner

In-line silicone & adhesive coating and lamination

Produce your own pressure sensitive material and get the opportunity to control the manufacturing processes of your PS materials

Using our technology will bring 3 major advantages: 

  1. Reducing the waste: printing on the facestock only (unsupported) will eliminate the waste of liner, adhesive and silicone
  2. Material Cost saving: increase your margin by purchasing raw materials instead of pre-laminated label stock
  3. Flexibility: You’ll be able to produce various products that your competition will not be able to do by converting raw materials

– Printing under the silicone and adhesive

– Multi-layer coupon

– Linerless products

– Pattern silicone and adhesive application

– MiniLiner

We offer the possibility to produce finished labels from raw materials to finished products in the same manufacturing process with in-line converting operations: die-cutting, slitting, perforation.

Brochure : Cohesio.pdf