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With over 20 years of experience, a steadfast commitment to innovation and a bit of rebelliousness, we created a whole new way for label printers and converters to do business.

Today, we offer the equipment, innovation and solutions you need to create and manufacture leading- edge products that stand out.


    • In-house web coating

      Giving you the innovation, independence and ability to manufacture labels from A to Z. 

    • Process

      The experience, vision, and track record to build unique machines according to your specific needs.

    • Quality control & assurance

      The testing, equipment, training and solutions to ensure every label you produce is exceptional.



      Driven by a vision to deliver more

        Innovation right down the line

        • Cohesio

          Premium narrow-web printing, coating and converting machine for inline label manufacturing.

        • LinerO
          Linerless label manufacturing equipment to produce sustainable VIP & prime labels of all kinds.

        • Acuro

          Flexible narrow- and mid-web coating and laminating machine for labelstock and tape manufacturing.


          • Metronome

            Flexo printing and die-cutting equipment for inline PSA label manufacturing.

          • Custom solutions

            Custom web coating equipment to create and manufacture made-to-measure labeling products.

            Outstanding inline
            silicone coating stations.

            The benchmark
            in coating and

            With an in-depth knowledge of UV free radical silicone technology, ETI has manufactured a range of silicone coating solutions that deliver astonishing results on substrates like glassine and SCK papers, as well as BOPP, PET, and PE films.

            Integrated performance

            Available as a 3-roller, 5-roller or triangle coating system, ETI’s silicone stations are ultra-compact and designed to integrate seamlessly into our inline operations. By giving you the ability to apply specific formulations to a wide range of linerless and pressure-sensitive labels, you have the accuracy and flexibility you need to get any job done every time.

            Proven excellence

            We’ve conducted extensive lab testing on ageing, release force, peel adhesion, and resistance to shear, leaving no stone unturned. The result is better, more robust silicone coating machines that give you complete control of quality and performance from start to finish.

            3-roll silicone coating station

            Better control. Better results.

            With easy operation and fast changeovers, our 3-Roll Coating Station is the epitome of productivity. The station is comprised of a plate cylinder, impression cylinder and anilox roll to transfer the silicone onto a substrate in the exact thickness you want. For extremely precise control, it is independently servo driven and variable speed. Cylinders are heated and temperature controlled for a smooth application. Finally, the ability to produce silicone coating in stripes makes it ideal for specific label applications like wraparound/sleeve food packaging labels.

            3-Roll silicone coating station for extremely precise silicone application on substrate

            5-roll silicone coating station

            All the flexibility you need

            Our 5-roll coating station utilizes metering and transfer cylinders to meticulously control the application of the silicone and the coat weight. Each variable speed roll is independently servo driven delivering incredible precision. Features include heated cylinders and temperature control. It also offers the ability to apply low silicone coat weights, making it a great unit to tap into the growing market for linerless direct thermal labels. For added flexibility, it can be converted into a 3-roll coater, and is perfect for coating in stripes if you’re producing wraparound/sleeve food packaging labels.


            5-roll silicone coating station utilizing metering and transfer cylinders for a meticulous application of silicone coat weight

            Triangle silicone coating station

            Consistent control

            Our Triangle coating station operates like our 3-roll coater in that it uses anilox rolls to consistently supply a uniform and measurable volume of silicone coating. The unit is easy to operate and the only station that can apply silicone in a pattern. Although it has less features, it is more cost-effective, hard-working, and equipped to give you the competitive edge you need to conquer the package printing industry.

            Triangle design silicone coating station

            Nitrogen chamber

            For an improved curing process

            ETI has utilized 20 years of experience in nitrogen chambers to engineer a machine that pushes the process to a whole new level of productivity. Using advanced fluid mechanics software, our nitrogen chamber is designed and calibrated to optimize the nitrogen flow for better purity in the chamber. The reduction in oxygen improves the curing process which ultimately means a better, more stable silicone release coating. Last but not least, to mitigate long term maintenance issues all too common with comparable machines, ETI’s nitrogen chamber is on cassette for easier cleaning – a first in the industry.



            Mixing and dispensing
            silicone system

            High reliability. Perfect dispensing.

            With features like ergonomic design, variable speed mixers, heated silicone and temperature controls, and a pan to catch spills, our mixing and dispensing silicone system is designed to get the job done.


            Which silicone coating station is right for you?

            ETI Silicone Coating Stations 3-roll Coater 5-roll Coater Triangle Coater

            Paper, film

            Paper, film

            Paper, film

            Silicone application

            Stripes, full-width

            Stripes, full-width

            Stripes, full-width, pattern

            Silicone coat weight range

            0.7 - 2.5 GSM

            0.2 - 2.5 GSM

            0.7 - 2.5 GSM

            Coat weight adjustment method

            Anilox, adjustment of cylinder speed ratio

            Adjustment of cylinder speed ratio


            ETI Silicone Coating Stations

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