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With over 20 years of experience, a steadfast commitment to innovation and a bit of rebelliousness, we created a whole new way for label printers and converters to do business.

Today, we offer the equipment, innovation and solutions you need to create and manufacture leading- edge products that stand out.


    • In-house web coating

      Giving you the innovation, independence and ability to manufacture labels from A to Z. 

    • Process

      The experience, vision, and track record to build unique machines according to your specific needs.

    • Quality control & assurance

      The testing, equipment, training and solutions to ensure every label you produce is exceptional.



      Driven by a vision to deliver more

        Innovation right down the line

        • Cohesio

          Premium narrow-web printing, coating and converting machine for inline label manufacturing.

        • LinerO
          Linerless label manufacturing equipment to produce sustainable VIP & prime labels of all kinds.

        • Acuro

          Flexible narrow- and mid-web coating and laminating machine for labelstock and tape manufacturing.


          • Metronome

            Flexo printing and die-cutting equipment for inline PSA label manufacturing.

          • Custom solutions

            Custom web coating equipment to create and manufacture made-to-measure labeling products.


            An exceptional flexo printing press in every way





            High-end equipment.
            High quality labels.

            Label printing and converting is an extremely competitive market. That’s why you need every advantage on your side. Enter Metronome – the high-end, highly scalable flexo printing press that prints and die cuts in one pass. With Metronome, you can harness all the flexibility and modularity you require to manufacture high-quality labels for a wide range of industries. Whether it’s food, beverage, health and personal care, industrial, or more, Metronome is built to deliver the goods every time.

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            What is the Metronome difference?
            • Highly accurate registration
            • Easy set-ups
            • Rapid changeovers between runs
            • Printing in forward or reverse mode
            • Exceptional die-cutting precision
            • True versatility
            • Optional Delam Relam unit

            The possibilities are endless

            With the power to add other printing units that work in conjunction with flexo, you can access a wider range of printing techniques including gravure and screen printing. Whatever the job requires, Metronome is equipped and ready to produce exceptional labels that stand out.


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            With Cohesio, you can turn raw materials into finished rolls of pressure-sensitive labels efficiently and flawlessly.


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            With the growing demand for linerless labels, LinerO can help you build your product portfolio, attract new clients and boost your bottom line.


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            Our flexible web coating and laminating machine for pressure sensitive labelstock and tape manufacturing.





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            Custom solutions

            With ETI’s custom solutions, self-adhesive label manufacturers have the freedom, innovation and expertise to create unique labels that stand out.



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            Take your labels to another level.


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