Our expertise

With over 20 years of experience, a steadfast commitment to innovation and a bit of rebelliousness, we created a whole new way for label printers and converters to do business.

Today, we offer the equipment, innovation and solutions you need to create and manufacture leading- edge products that stand out.


    • In-house web coating

      Giving you the innovation, independence and ability to manufacture labels from A to Z. 

    • Process

      The experience, vision, and track record to build unique machines according to your specific needs.

    • Quality control & assurance

      The testing, equipment, training and solutions to ensure every label you produce is exceptional.



      Driven by a vision to deliver more

        Innovation right down the line

        • Cohesio

          Premium narrow-web printing, coating and converting machine for inline label manufacturing.

        • LinerO
          Linerless label manufacturing equipment to produce sustainable VIP & prime labels of all kinds.

        • Acuro

          Flexible narrow- and mid-web coating and laminating machine for labelstock and tape manufacturing.


          • Metronome

            Flexo printing and die-cutting equipment for inline PSA label manufacturing.

          • Custom solutions

            Custom web coating equipment to create and manufacture made-to-measure labeling products.

            Proficiency in process

            Multiple inline operations

            By and large, building machines with multiple inline operations is no easy task. Fortunately, the team of accomplished engineers at ETI have the experience, vision, and successful track record to help. We use our extensive expertise to assess the feasibility of each project, then devise a plan to design and build an ultra-efficient machine capable of executing multiple inline operations.

            With ETI, each machine is configured according to your specific needs which may include printing, silicone coating, adhesive coating/lamination, die cutting, and/or other converting processes. The end result is a performance-based, seamlessly integrated in-line process that gives you the capability to act on your innovative ideas and create labels of any kind.

            Inline operations illustration

            Engineering savvy
            that breaks barriers

            Web tension icon

            Web tension and registration expertise

            No matter how challenging your project or label construction is, you can rest easy knowing that our extensive experience with multiple webs and complex web paths will deliver the optimal tension and registration you need to manufacture the products you desire.

            Proficiency in adhesive and silicone application icon

            Proficiency in adhesive and silicone application

            Because the coat weight and curing process has an impact on the quality of the finished product, we engineer our units to deliver precise control of the adhesive and optimal silicone application  With easy set up and effortless operation, they are designed to remain efficient and consistent from start to finish.

            OEM Integration icon

            OEM system integration

            We recognize your production needs will occasionally extend beyond our product offering. That’s why we work with you to integrate OEM components into our proprietary production lines. The assimilation is seamless and expertly configured to work in conjunction with our equipment. It runs the gamut from digital printing module, butt splicers, automatic turret rewinders, cardboard insertion machine, paper folding machines and more.

            Raw materials experts icon

            Raw materials experts

            Our in-depth knowledge of raw materials has helped us become a trusted partner in the label printing industry. In fact, we know what it takes to minimize the impact their behaviours have on the web, including applying the proper tension (in accordance with the sensitivity of the material), incorporating cooling units for critical operations, maintaining moisture stability during the manufacturing process, and avoiding curling issues.

            Linerless label ingenuity icon

            Linerless labels ingenuity

            ETI offers a selection of units that can produce standard PSA labels just as easy as linerless labels - a fast growing segment of the PSA market. Through Cohesio, we’ve created a whole new method of manufacturing labels from A to Z, giving clients a proven way to produce linerless labels with all the flexibility you want in the process.

            Thorough testing icon

            Thorough testing

            To create an optimal product and guarantee end users will be satisfied with it, we put our machines and label applicators through rigorous testing to ensure your label constructions will always deliver the goods.


            More flexibility

            With ETI you can boost your business by tapping into the versatility of printing anything from standard PSA labels to linerless labels.


            More cost savings

            Manufacturing labels on a single production line, in the most efficient way possible, will ensure no time or money is wasted.


            More support

            By developing the best production method/processes and providing valuable expertise and insights, we strive to be a true partner in every sense of the word.


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