Our expertise

With over 20 years of experience, a steadfast commitment to innovation and a bit of rebelliousness, we created a whole new way for label printers and converters to do business.

Today, we offer the equipment, innovation and solutions you need to create and manufacture leading- edge products that stand out.


    • In-house web coating

      Giving you the innovation, independence and ability to manufacture labels from A to Z. 

    • Process

      The experience, vision, and track record to build unique machines according to your specific needs.

    • Quality control & assurance

      The testing, equipment, training and solutions to ensure every label you produce is exceptional.



      Driven by a vision to deliver more

        Innovation right down the line

        • Cohesio

          Premium narrow-web printing, coating and converting machine for inline label manufacturing.

        • LinerO
          Linerless label manufacturing equipment to produce sustainable VIP & prime labels of all kinds.

        • Acuro

          Flexible narrow- and mid-web coating and laminating machine for labelstock and tape manufacturing.


          • Metronome

            Flexo printing and die-cutting equipment for inline PSA label manufacturing.

          • Custom solutions

            Custom web coating equipment to create and manufacture made-to-measure labeling products.

            Printing technologies
            you can rely on. 

            Built to perform

            Widely recognized as the optimal printing technology for narrow- and mid-web printing, our flexographic printing stations are purpose built to deliver exceptionally precise prints and coatings on any type of substrate, paper or film. In addition to water-based and UV inks, you also have the ability to add specialty coatings like varnishes, direct thermal coatings and scratch-off inks for the utmost in flexibility.

            The features you need to stay competitive

            Accurate registration

            High-tech automatic controls are designed to monitor and ensure consistent registration. And because the plate cylinder and impression cylinder are independently motorized they work to create a steady, continuous tension resulting in extraordinary accuracy. 

            High quality printing

            Robust components eliminate vibration, while high level adjustments on the anilox roller, plate cylinder and impression cylinder effectively control and maintain pressure for a perfect print every time.

            Quick changeovers

            Anilox rolls are on cassettes so they’re exceptionally quick to change between runs. This means less downtime and a virtually effortless process for the machine operator. An optional automatic positioning system allows you to optimize set-up times, improve productivity, and reduce waste.


            Impressive capabilities

            Substrate can be printed forward or reverse, without the use of a turn bar, so you can easily print on one or both sides of the web, even on sensitive materials. Select stations are even equipped for wide repeat lengths, if needed.

            Flexo XS printing station

            Reliability that gets the job done

            Widely regarded as the workhorse in our product lineup, the Flexo XS is a well-built, easy-to-use station requiring minimal adjustments for hassle-free operation. The anilox, plate cylinder and impression cylinder are independently servo driven for high efficiency and great precision. The plate cylinder runs on bearers giving it an unrivaled robustness. Renowned for its impressive accuracy and the high-quality labels it produces, the Flexo XS enables repeat lengths from 12 – 25 inches on all types of substrates demonstrating real flexibility. It’s an excellent choice for high-volume production and delivers the capacity you need to accomplish any project.

            Bearer type Flexo XS printing for pressure sensitive label printing and manufacturing

            Flexo FS printing station

            Peerless performance every time

            Ideal for clients with an extensive product portfolio, the Flexo FS printing station utilizes the flexo sleeve system and delivers ultra-precise registration, even on very thin film. Its ergonomic design allows for quick changeovers between runs making it easy for any operator to master. In addition to less overall maintenance, the gearless flexo technology can output unconventional print repeat lengths, between 12 - 25 inches without any waste for considerable cost savings. The anilox roll, plate cylinder, impression cylinder, and all the other adjustments are servo driven for the accuracy and reliability you’re looking for.

            Flexo FS station with flexographic printing sleeve for pressure sensitive label printing and manufacturing

            Flexo FS wide printing station

            When you need to go big

            The Flexo FS wide printing unit offers all the same enviable features and advantages of our Flexo FS printing station including ultra-precise registration, easy operation and proven reliability. The difference is that our Flexo FS wide printing unit is specifically designed for clients with a specialty line, or anyone producing jumbo rolls of materials. Constructed for high volume production and recognized for its consistent productivity, it delivers the ability to print on webs up to 1 meter wide and allows for print repeat lengths up to 1 meter for true versatility.

            Flexo FS station with wide flexographic printing sleeve for pressure sensitive label printing and manufacturing

            Exceptional by any measure

            ETI Flexographic Printing Stations Flexo XS Flexo FS Flexo FS wide
            Maximum web width

            13 - 30 in (330 - 670 mm)

            22 - 40 in (560 - 1016 mm)

            21.5 - 43 in (560 - 1016 mm)

            Print cylinder repeat

            12 - 24 in

            12 - 25 in

            20 - 40 in

            ETI Flexographic Printing Stations