What was considered years ago as a trend, is now a reality. Linerless is the answer to the release liner wastage. Why use a release liner on a pressure sensitive, when it will end up in a landfill once the label is applied to the final product.

Release liners only act as a carrier. The cost of release liners could represent up to 35% of the entire cost of a PSA construction. Expensive, considering that it will be discarded.

ETI developed years ago a linerless technology that no longer uses release liners as a carrier. In fact, there is no release liner during our manufacturing and printing process. For years, linerless technology was strictly used in hand applied application. Until ETI’s latest development technology in terms of labelling application, we were limited to a standard rectangle or square with attach points.

Today, this is no longer the case. With ETI’s in line die-cutting labelling systems that can be easily retrofitted to existing labelling equipment, you now have the capability to print linerless labels in any shape or size.

ETI has been offering for years the Cohesio equipment to print linerless labels, but today with ETI’s in-line die-cutting labelling systems, we have now closed the loop to all label applications.

Brochure : Linerless.pdf