Our expertise

With over 20 years of experience, a steadfast commitment to innovation and a bit of rebelliousness, we created a whole new way for label printers and converters to do business.

Today, we offer the equipment, innovation and solutions you need to create and manufacture leading- edge products that stand out.


    • In-house web coating

      Giving you the innovation, independence and ability to manufacture labels from A to Z. 

    • Process

      The experience, vision, and track record to build unique machines according to your specific needs.

    • Quality control & assurance

      The testing, equipment, training and solutions to ensure every label you produce is exceptional.



      Driven by a vision to deliver more

        Innovation right down the line

        • Cohesio

          Premium narrow-web printing, coating and converting machine for inline label manufacturing.

        • LinerO
          Linerless label manufacturing equipment to produce sustainable VIP & prime labels of all kinds.

        • Acuro

          Flexible narrow- and mid-web coating and laminating machine for labelstock and tape manufacturing.


          • Metronome

            Flexo printing and die-cutting equipment for inline PSA label manufacturing.

          • Custom solutions

            Custom web coating equipment to create and manufacture made-to-measure labeling products.

            Engineering success around the world

            Discover the innovative technology, extensive expertise and unique solutions that make ETI a leading company in the label printing industry. 


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            ETI employee

            Equip to Innovate

            More than just an acronym for ETI, Equip to Innovate is a guiding principle that defines every decision we make. And it all started with an entirely new approach in the label printing and converting industry. One entirely focused on you.

            “For us, the only way to produce a label is to make it from scratch.”

            From the competitive advantages of our modular machines, to a whole new degree of autonomy, we offer a wide range of unique advantages. In essence, everything you need to prosper and innovate.


            Welcome to a better way

            ETI Converting is not your typical manufacturer. And we’re proud of it. Because doing things differently when it comes to inline equipment, means creating solutions that are specifically tailored for your success. At the end of the day, it’s about providing unparalleled ingenuity and unique solutions that will move your business forward to make you: 

            Flexibility icon

            More flexible

            Improve your production capacity.

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            More efficient

            Reduce your production costs. 

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            More profitable

            Increase your profit margins. 

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            competitive 1

            More competitive

            Expand your product portfolio. 

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            sustainable 3

            More sustainable

            Discover our eco-friendly capabilities. 

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            More innovative

            Visit our Technology Center. 

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            Discover Cohesio

            Unparalleled technology. Multiple configurations. Incredible savings.

            Our flagship product, Cohesio offers you the flexibility of multiple configurations and can convert any type of paper, board or film into pressure sensitive material and labels. The patented technology takes you from raw materials to finished labels efficiently and is designed to save money, reduce waste, and create new products which can’t be duplicated by other manufacturers.

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            Meet more of
            the family

            Striking innovation, unrivalled autonomy, and patented technology are just a few of the advantages strategically built in to all of our equipment. Whether it's Cohesio, LinerO, Metronome, Acuro or our custom solutions, you can rest easy knowing that each machine is manufactured to the highest standards and designed to keep you competitive in the long run.



            Build your product portfolio, attract new clients and tap into the fast-growing linerless label industry.



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            Powered by unequalled expertise, Acuro is our flexible web coating and laminating machine for pressure sensitive labelstock and tape manufacturing.

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            Our high-end, highly scalable flexo printing press that prints, die cuts and manufactures high-quality labels for a wide range of industries.


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            Custom solutions

            Innovative solutions, unique insights and the proven technology to design and build custom equipment for any type of coating projects.



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            Expertise that gets the job done

            As a global manufacturer of inline coating and printing equipment, we know the label printing industry inside and out. After all, we’ve been trusted partners with key players in the narrow-web industry for over 20 years. As a pioneer in the art of in-house coating, our expertise lies in creating specialized equipment for self-adhesive label printing and converting that delivers a unique competitive edge. 

            ETI Technology Center

            Experiment. Explore. Expand. 


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            ETI Converting Technology Center